Friday, April 29, 2011

Scrapbook (Haggadah) for Passover – part 2

Don't be alarmed, I didn't forget the lucky winner of the blog candy. The name of that lucky someone is posted at the end of the post.

Last time we braked for a Passover dinner, now after a good meal we can continue to look at the Haggadah. These next two pages are filled with funny faces photos!

A page with text only.

A page that has photos of mother and daughters.

Interactive pages: one with a flap that has some small photos in it. The other page has a small book that holds photos of all the members of the family.

These pages are all about singing! The song talks about different elements in Judaism that starts from 1 God. Each verse the numbers grow, for example 3 fathers (refers to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), 4 mothers (Sara, Lea, Rebecca and Rachel), 10 commandments and so on. I included a family version to this song by adding relevant photos, starting with 1 mom, my mom!

The last page of the Haggadah is a family tree.

Thank you to all of you, my dear friends, for all your birthday wishes and your visits to my blog. It was a fabulous month and it was a pleasure sharing it with you. You really want to know who won the last blog candy right?

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Thanks for taking part in the birthday blog candies. Sorry if you didn't win, but I promise to have many more fabulous blog candies!


  1. This is B E A U T I F U L , every page has something wonderful, love the stamping, the hiddend pictures,the colors ...just great!!!!
    Congrast to the winner

  2. וואו מהמם!!! איזה רעיון מיוחד!
    אהבתי מאוד את דף העץ בסוף :):)

  3. מקסים! נראהלי חובה להעביר לפורמט דיגיטלי, לעשות עותקים לכל המשפחה ולהפוך את זה להגדה המשפחתית החדשה שלכם.

  4. I love the colors and the booklet and the whole idea of making a personalized Haggadah for the family, or in your case as a gift to your Mom. Kudos to you!!

  5. ההגדה מקסימה, הרעיון והביצוע מופלאים!!!
    מזל טוב לזוכה המאושרת בבלוג קנדי המדהים :)