Monday, March 21, 2011

Treasure box – a different kind of a printers' tray

Printers' trays are in fashion today, everyone has one, made one or got one as a present. I wanted one too, an open treasure box with the photos of thoe I love. But instead of buying a printer's tray from 7 Gypsies or Tim Holtz I decided to use an old wooden tea bag box I had. I painted it with acrylic paint and after it was dry I could add my photos and embellishments.

I wanted to make it as low cost as possible so I added handmade embellishments like the flowers, punched border and flags I created from paper and wire. I also added a few embellishments I found at the Dollar store.

After it was finished I decided that it turned out so nice I should make a few more and give them as Passover presents to my family. A beautiful personal treasure box.

Try to use items you have in your house to create beautiful projects or presents that don't cost much!



  1. This is soooo pretty! What kind of box is this? Where could I find one?


  2. וואו וואו יש לך עדיין מקום בבית לכל הדברים היפים האלה שאת יוצרת?

  3. You did an amazing job on this! I have been wanting to make one of these for quite some time now. I love those tiny little bottles!!! I must know where you found them... they are so cute!! And that pennant banner at the top... love it too! GREAT JOB again Einat!