Friday, February 25, 2011

1 sheet of paper tutorial – Love Letters mini album

I really like scrapbooking and paper projects that are fun, fast, not expensive and beautiful.

This got me thinking of different ways to make a project from only one sheet of paper. The idea is to create a project that can be made using only one sheet of paper and all the embellishments added to it will be only a suggestion and not a must.

The first project is a cute mini album titled Love Letters.

You will need:

1 sheet of double sided cardstock

Embellishments – if you want

1. Cut three 4" by 8" rectangles. Fold them in half to create squares.

2. Adhere two of the rectangles back to back only near the edges of the paper, leaving a pocket.

3. Adhere the third rectangle on the outside, wrapping the other rectangles. Put the adhesive only on three sides of each square, leaving pockets facing sideways.

4. From the strip of paper remaining cut three tags: 4" by 2" and a quarter, 4" by 3" and a quarter and 4" by 3" and a quarter.

5. From the remaining piece of paper create a diagonal pocket on the last page of the mini album, by adhering a triangle to the bottom left corner of the page. Make sure to put the adhesive on the two straight edges of the triangle.

Make a mini album filled with loving words to someone you love!



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