Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First time ever layout and technique

This is another DT layout I did for My Punch and it tells the funniest story ever!

As you know a Jewish woman lights two candles every Friday evening to welcome the Sabbath. She covers her head, lights the candles and sais a blessing. All kindergartens have the Sabbath ceremony each Friday at the end of the day. One of the girls acts as "the mother" and lights the candles. My son decided it's not fair that only girls can light the candles. He wants to do it too! The kindergarten teacher didn't mind and went along with him and so did we. When Friday arrived he covered his head, lit the candles and said the blessing. Don't you think it's cute?

I didn't use a lot of materials for this layout. I wanted to keep it simple and tell the story. I did use one technique I want to share with you: the recycled flower technique.

I first punched the large orange flower that is tucked under the right photo. Then I used the little pieces I removed from the flower's petals to create a smaller flower that I added above the same photo.

This is a great way to use all your supplies and recycle the leftovers.

Try and find ways to maximize your supplies and use leftovers in your next project.


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  1. LOVE IT! Love your style, rich yet clean and beautiful!