Saturday, June 12, 2010

What do you do when there is almost nothing left?

That is the question I recently had to deal with. It was time for me to create another project for Kiki Art DT, but all my supplies were almost finished. I was left with mostly pink papers; I can't really use with my boys' photos, some scraps and the large chipboard puzzle shapes. What can I create with that? I put it all on my desk, looked at them, hoping an idea will come. And then it came…a great idea! Why not create a mini album from the puzzle shapes? I thought to myself…I love these fun pieces…and then it hit me, another idea, I would make a mini album titled: "The pieces of my heart" a very appropriate name for a mini album created from puzzle pieces.

I took two puzzle shapes and glued a paper on them to form the pages. In the middle of the album, I decided to have a little surprise and kept two small pages separate. Then I added photos of my family, who are…the pieces of my heart. To have nice clean edges I sanded all the pages slightly. I embellished the pages with hearts and sentiments.

I wrote a little poem on the second page:

“The pieces of my heart
Never stray too far apart
Always here close together
Keep my love strong forever!”

It just goes to show that even with only a few materials, you can create something!



  1. ענת, זה מקסים! וממש לא צריך להישאר בלי חומרים (בינינו: אנחנו אף פעם לא נשארות באמת בלי חומרים... ) כדי ללכת לכיוון הזה. נראה לי שפשוט חיפשת תירוץ להשתולל... LOL
    נ ה ד ר !

  2. פשוט נפלא - מה שמוכיח שלפעמים פחות הוא יותר :-)
    אהבתי את הרעיון ואת הביצוע.

  3. וואי עינת איזה רעיון מדליק!!
    וגם אהבתי את הכותרת שבחרת לאלבום...

  4. You just raocked it! Isn't fantastic how we lwearn to use and create with every little piece of our kits! Just fantastic!

  5. What a creative idea!! Love it...
    - April

  6. this turned out really great!

  7. I absolutely love all the attention to little details in this project. It really makes it come to life. Just amazing!

  8. Love this SWEET album and poem! Such a great idea!

  9. רעיון גדול מחתיכות קטנות !!ץ
    בד"כ ברעיונות המבריקים מגיעים ברגע של דוחק
    חבל שלא שמת משהו ליד כדי להמחיש את הגודל של המיני פאזל