Friday, January 22, 2016

Organize Your Photos in 2016!

In the digital age we don't think twice before taking a photo so we end up with too many photos in our computer. The worse thing is that we just dump them there if we have the time but mostly they're on our phones. I don't know about you but I need my photos to be in an album if I want to look at them or enjoy them. Looking through them on the computer is just not the same...
So I decided enough is enough! I'm going to organize all my photos and start creating albums. Some digital and some traditional.

Organizing your printed photos is a completely different story that we'll address in another blog post. I thought I'd start from my digital photos, because there SO many of them.

Here's how I do it...

1. Gather all the photos in one place. Download the photos from all your phones, ipads etc to one folder. Move all the photos from your computer to that same folder. I have three drives on my computer and they all had photos in them... Name the folder: Family Photos.

2. Open a folder for each year. I went as far as the first photo and created a folder for each year, all inside the Family Photos folder.

3. Start grouping photos to events, people, trips etc. Go through the photos and create a folder for each "subject. For example: Jack's 8th birthday, day at the beach, riding a horse, visiting grandma...

4. Purge. Since we take photos almost without thinking we have many photos which are very similar, or not as good. You really don't need to keep all of them. Pick the beautiful photos that together tell the entire story.

5. Move. Once you have folders for all the "subjects" ready move them to the relevant year folder.

6. Repeat this process with all the new photos you'll take and you'll have an organized family's photos library!

7. I even have a folder for the photos that I have already pit in an album. This folder is also organized in yearly folders. After I create a page or a mini album for a certain event I take the folder and move it to DONE folder.

This is my system and it works for me. You might want to do it differently. Maybe organized the photos in theme folders like birthdays, vacations, holidays and in each folder organize the photos in yearly folders. The important thing is to find a system and organize your photos because otherwise you'll be drowning in photos if you don't!

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Have fun creating!

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