Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Frame Pin Cushion with Ann Butler Faux Quilting Stamps

What I love about Ann Butler's Faux Quilting stamps is that they work great on fabric as they do on paper. All you need is to use your heat tool to dry and set them. I'm not a sewer but I wanted to try creating a project with fabric so I'll be able to share their versatility.

I started with arranging 1" faux quilting stamps on my block and stamped a piece of cheesecloth. I used Ann Butler's Crafter's Ink by Clearsnap to stamp the fabric. I applied the ink randomly on the stamps so I'll get a blending colors effect.
After the ink was dry I cut a few pieces of filler to fit a small frame that I wanted to use. I placed the fabric with the pattern face down and pushed the filler through the frame, creating a raised cushion.

I added a few buttons and pins to finish the project. Now I will have a decent place for my pins, not that I have so many, but at least I won't have to stick them in the eraser...

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Have fun creating!

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