Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's a Wrap 2015: A year in Review

WOW! what a year this has been. A roller coaster would be an understatement! So much has happened and so many new doors and paths were opened that my heads spins just thinking about it...
Here's a recap of what happened...

My favorite project
Definitely the Halloween Altered Spell Book. This two part project was so fun to make not only because I got to create in a vintage style I like but I also got to share with you a freebie and the responses were amazing! If you missed it here's Part 1 and Part 2

Highlight of the year
Opening my new website was the highlight of my year. Finally there was one place for everything that is Einat Kessler. It took a long time until it was ready because I kept changing my mind about its design :) This website is the home for all my classes, printables, articles & tips and links to all my social media and Etsy shop. It is growing and evolving with each passing month and I have great things planned for the future.

Disappointment of the year
The road of a professional artist is paved with disappointments and things that don't work out. One of them was losing a business opportunity that wasn't even up to me. A company I was doing videos for decided to create a position within the company of someone who would do all their videos. But I always think that when one door closes somewhere a window is opened...

New Exciting Things
I can't pick only thing is launching my monthly newsletter. I enjoy creating it each month and organizing deals for my subbies, sharing exclusive tips and techniques and basically creating a fun, vibrant and amazing community. The other thing is opening an Etsy shop which is a bigger success than I anticipated. My creations can find a good home and I can sell some of my excess supplies.

Challenge of the year
Starting my online classes wasn't easy. I had to get to a level of self belief that enabled me to offer knowledge for money. I had to believe that I had something valuable to share and that I was just as good. Apparently you all knew this before I did, because these classes are a huge success!

Future plans
Well...I guess you'll have to wait for 2016 to find out...but I can promise you there are plans and they are BIG!

Thanks you for all your love, support, warm comments, participation and taking part in this community. I wish you all a happy new year and may all your wishes for this year come true!

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Have fun creating! 

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