Friday, December 11, 2015

Does Color Matter?

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul" Wassily Kandinsky

What are the colors you're using say? Do colors have meaning? The answer is YES. When we create the colors we use say something about our project and about us (unless we're making a project with fixed colors like a Christmas card). It's not that we need to choose the colors we want to say something, but I think finding out why we love certain colors more than others can help us learn something not only about ourselves but about art.

Colors are generally divided into three categories: Cool colors, Warm colors and Neutral colors.

Cool Colors
Cool colors tend to have a calming effect on the viewer but used alone can give an impersonal feel. So it's best to add a warm or neutral color to balance it.

Warm Colors
Warm colors have an exciting effect. To balance the strong bright effect choose a color from the other groups so not to have an over stimulating effect.

Neutral Colors
Neutral colors mix well with all colors and can also be used alone in backgrounds. They can tone down bright and strong colors when used with other colors. These colors are not on the color wheel because they are basically not colors. Colors are basically light frequency. a color is the frequency our eyes see. White is when all colors are blended together and black is the absence of light. Other colors like brown and gray or tan are a mix or dilution of a color with black or white (brown and tan) or a mix of black and white (gray).

If you think of how many colors exist and how many pieces of art and projects we can create your mind will spin. I'm fascinated by color. I see how my favorite colors changed through the years, I see how they change every day in the clothes I wear. I see the transformation in my art through the changing of colors and the way I use them. Colors can be a tool to create but also a tool to rethink your art, experiment and try new things!

Have fun creating!

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