Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halloween Altered Spell Book - part 2

Last week we created a spook-tacular altered spell book and I promised thatthis week we'll work on the inside. it is. An apothecary style, shadow box, magical potions and spell book!

First you need to glue all the pages to the back cover. This will basically create the base for the shadow box. Next you will need to cut out four little compartments in the book by removing all the pages. The best way to do that is to use a ruler and a craft knife.

After distressing and spraying the shadow boxes it's time to fill them with little bottles, containers and everything Halloween. Use stuff that you think a witch might need to make her potions and spells...

Finally I added a chipboard with the word spells on it. And I also added a printable tag with an inventory written on it. If you want to get the tag please email me at

In a project like this it's all about the details. The more details you add the more authentic it'll look, if you can say that about something which is a complete fantasy:)

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Have fun creating!