Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Year Creative Resolutions & why I celebrate the new year twice

Being Jewish has its perks and one of them is celebrating New Years twice! First the Jewish new year that is on Sept. 13th (this year) and then the regular new year on Dec 31st. If you are wondering why I celebrate the Christian new year on Dec 31st it's because this is the calendar we all use and live by. The banks, newspapers, everything with a date works according to this calendar. So having the chance of a Do Over is really nice. I can have a new year resolutions list on September and review it on December or even have a new list.

Another great thing about it is I get to have a year and four month to complete the list because I can start on September, which is the Jewish new year and end on December which is the end of the regular year. You can say I'm fooling myself and I probably am, but what the **** I'll take what I can get!

So here's my New Year Creative Resolution List which I hope I'll follow through on all of them or at least some...

Complete an inspiration board Yes I'm one of those who still don't have one...I want to make one SOON!
Be retweeted a 100 times I still haven't figure out the mystery that is Twitter...
Post daily on Instagram I need to develop a personal mechanism for posting one GOOD photo on instagram every day in the hopes of increasing my following.
Post Daily on Google+ I only post there about my videos tutorials so I need to do that more.
Master Facebook I want to master the art of posting on facebook, getting lots of comments, likes and shares.
Finish at least 2 new classes by 2016 I know you are waiting...
Arrange my Wall of Inspiration I have all those beautiful canvases that i need to hang on the wall!
Get Better at writing blog posts diversifying my topics and improving my writing skills
Double the number of items on my Etsy shop have more stuff for sale and more products categories.
Try a new craft or technique at least once a month.
Get on two design teams two teams that I really love their products
Plan better find a way to plan ahead my week and month better so I can get more done
Stop procrastinating...
Start a video club something I've been planning for a long time but haven't done yet. Details to come...
Have a product line with my name on it what do you think, stamps, papers, stencils?
Find out what Periscope is and if I want to be on it.
Research new social media places like Vine.
Finish the Netherlands travel book I started it but now I'm stuck.
Purge my craft studio get rid of unwanted and unused supplies.
Work less and rest more...ya' like this is going to happen...

I'll be happy to get your feedback and help on this list. maybe you can give me some tips or share your experience. Let me know on the comments and share what your new year resolutions are.

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Have fun creating!

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