Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why Do We Need/Use/Love Quotes?

Most of us are active on social networks. For those who regularly use Facebook or Pinterest inspirational quotes are everywhere. Have you ever wondered why is that? What is it about inspirational or funny quotes that touches us so?

As we get lost in our fast paced lives, we need things in packages. Small, easy to digest and instant packages. Motivation and inspiration are no different. We need our quick pill of the day. A pick me up. We are surrounded by so many negativeness in our lives, so we seek an escape or some means to help us better cope. Words of wisdom surely help in such times.

A good quote by a famous person or a celebrity gives you the feeling that we all share the same issues and if they could do it so can you.

I also love how quotes capture what I feel or how things work in the world
with one or two sentences. They're a great way to deliver a message in a cool, concise, well articulated and sometimes funny way.

I use quotes in all my crafts and art projects. I add them to a scrapbook layout, a mixed media canvas, a mini album and art journal pages. They are so versatile that anyone can find a quote they like!

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Have fun creating!

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  1. what can I do if I get in the box what color can I paint it inside out.