Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ready, Get set, De-stash! Paper Embellishments Tutorial

As you probably already know my resolution for this year is to use my stash and try not to buy so much supplies. it's already the middle of the year and i don't think I've done that enough. So today we're DE-STASHING!
We all have scraps of paper that are cut, have holes in them, are either too big or too small. We don't throw them away because we are sure we're going to use them. is the day! Take out all your scraps and join me!

First pick out papers that are in the same style and/or colors. I wanted a steampunk look so I've used brown, dark colors with script and numbers patterns.

Cut or punch shapes like circles, squares, stars, hearts or any other shape you want. I limited myself to 2" to 3" size but you can cut larger shapes. Then cut or punch smaller shapes from the papers and even cut out patterns. i cut out a few keys from a pattern paper piece that I had in my stash. Create combinations with all your shapes. Start with the larger shapes as the base and then layer the smaller shapes on them and create clusters. Finally add words or letters, but only if you have a partialy used sticker sheet! We're de-stashing remember?

Now you have your own paper embellishments to use in your projects, cards, scrapbook layouts or canvases. if they are big enough you can use them as cards, placement cards or even add a magnet on the back and put on your fridge.

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Have fun creating!