Sunday, June 7, 2015

Art Journal Page: Doodling

Sometimes you just want to pour your feelings on a page. It doesn't matter if they're good or bad, art journaling is an outlet, a place to process, to think , to feel. This is exactly what today's video tutorial is all about. I want to show you a way of creating a colorful, happy and interesting art journal page without gesso, paint or any wet medium...just a black pen and some colored pencils.

Feelings can be tricky and sometimes hard to sort out. They are jumbled up and you usually feel a few different things at one time. Your mind is feeling, thinking and you need a place to put everything in order. An art journal seems like a good idea but how do you "translate" what goes on in your mind to an artistic journal page?

Windows...yes windows. Little squares on a page will be like little windows to your soul and your mind. You don't need to know how to draw because you can doodle! Doodling is basically what little kids do. Create images and patterns with no specific meaning. Of course if you want you can add some drawings too. This is your page so you have to put YOUR feelings and thoughts on it!

It is a minimalistic design with very mild colors. The purpose of the page was its creation not the end result. Each window is a thought or a feeling and while doodling you transfer them from your mind to the paper. It's very freeing! Try it!

Take a leap of faith and create your own page. It doesn't need to be a masterpiece, just something you like!

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Have fun creating! 

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