Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ready, Get Set, DESTASH! Love Story Mini Album

Every now and then I believe we must go into our stash pick up a few things and use them in a project. Half finished sticker sheets, rhinestones, rub-ons etc. use old stuff to make room for the new. Sometimes we don't even remember what we have and we buy new products because we don't realize we already have what we need.
This mini album is made entirely with leftovers from my stash and one 12X12 double sided cardstock.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create a project from leftovers:
1. Decide on the project you want to do. It can be a mini album, layout, home decor piece etc. You can create it for yourself or as a gift.
2.  Pick a theme and a color palette. Deciding that will help you pick out different products that match together and will look great on your project.
3. Go to your stash and take out everything that fits the theme and colors you decided.
4. work on your project with as many products as possible. Be creative and try to think of new ways to incorporate embellishments, papers and other products in your projects.
5. Works in stages. Create layers, Starting from paper and stickers and moving on to the smaller embellishments like flowers and rhinestones.

Purging your stash from old half used supplies is not only fun it decluttering your work space and your mind. It's like going to the craft store and getting new stuff! You will find things you didn't know or forgot you had.

Check out the video tutorial for step by step instructions to create this mini album.

What will be your destash project this weekend?
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Have fun creating!

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  1. You made very beautiful album and very easy. I like it and want make same album.
    Thank you for video.