Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mixed Media Canvas: In My Mind

As artists we rarely create something about ourselves, at least I hardly do. It's always a layout about the kids or a mini album for grandma with photos that we took so we're not in them. This time I wanted to create something for myself about myself.

I was inspired by a crazy sketch I saw online that shows how an artists mind looks. And I immediately related because my mind sometimes looks and feels the same. So I created a canvas describing the things I have in my mind all jumbled up, but fun and creative.

I used a really easy technique to create my silhouette. I took a photo of myself in profile and printed it. Then I cut around the image and turned it over to use the blank side. I filled the silhouette with embellishments and findings that have meaning for me and say something about me.

I created the background of the canvas with color sprays and added the journaling with a pen nib and black ink. This was really fun and inspiring to create.
Try to create an art piece, a layout or a project about you, it's liberating!
Don't forget to watch all the tips and tricks in the video!

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Have fun creating!

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  1. Great idea for an awesome canvas and tutorial. Thank you!