Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ice Resin Pendants

I'm not a jewelry maker but every now and then I like to play with a little bit of jewelry making. It's actually kind of easy if you try it. My favorite material to play with is Ice Resin, which is  a 2-part epoxy resin. Part A is the Resin. It has a slightly blue tint and Part B is the hardener. It has a very slight yellow tint. It comes in a plunger that dispenses equal parts of both parts and is really to use.

It's really fun to play with and the only problem, at least for someone like me who likes immediate satisfaction, is that you have to wait a few hours before it's dry. I made three pendants and tried a few things and techniques.

First I tried different mediums to color the resin. Both Perfect Pearls powder and acrylic paint worked very well and blended completely with the resin. You can create different degrees of transparency depending on how much paint or powder you mix.

Then I had lots of fun working with Ice Enamels which is sort of an embossing powder that works great with the resin. The great thing was to create layers with  the enamel and adding embellishments.

Finally I did some Ice Resin Molding. I used Martha Stewart and Mod Podge acrylic molds and also came up with a great idea of how to turn the molds into beads or pendants. When the resin is cured it slides out of the mold and it's ready for use.

I assembled all the parts to beautiful shiny pendants and I'm really happy with how they turned out. Check out the video for all the details.
Do you create any jewelry? If not this was a fun way of starting!

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Have fun creating!