Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Mixed Media Canvas

I lovemaking my own holiday gifts and although I don't celebrate Christmas (Jews have Hanukkah) I can totally relate to the lights, the holiday spirit and the joy. Giving someone you love a gift you created yourself is not only rewarding and gratifying but it's also special and unique. Here's an idea for such a present the only danger is that you will like it too much and give it to...yourself.

This mixed media canvas starts with a 8" by 8" canvas. it is then covered with paper, paint, stencils and ink. After the background is ready it's time to create the tree and decorate it with a little bling.

For a final festive touch add glitter and some word stickers. Add a title, I wrote JOY, but you can choose whatever word you like. You can find full step by step instructions in the video.

The canvas can be hanged on the wall, placed on the mantel, be a gift to someone special or even be a decoration in your office. The most important thing is to have a Merry Christmas!

Have fun creating!

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