Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA - Art journal page - TEXTURE

This video tutorial is all about texture! But not just texture...texture with a meaning. What does it mean you ask? it means that all the texture on the art journal page has a purpose, a meaning and a point.

All of us have bumps in our life. They can be small or big, emotional or physical but they all make it difficult for us to continue our journey in life. I say that bumps are a part of life! They are here to teach us something about ourselves or about the world and we should learn to accept them and deal with them.
I created an art journal full of bumps. Different kinds of texture to remind us we are all different but bumps are a part of everybody's life! All the texture is made with the amazing Spellbinders embossing folders which have two embossing patterns on each folder!
Have fun creating!


  1. מקסים! אני אוהבת את העבודה, את הטקסטורה ואת התובנות המרגשות.

  2. Beautiful result! I really need to practice mixed media more often, looks like lots of fun! Baerbel