Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA - Romantic mixed media canvas

Today I'm stepping out of my comfort all know my style and I usually don't create romantic, pink and flowery projects. This time however, I decided to venture into the realm of romantic, girly and flowery pink design and create a special canvas for the photo of a special someone.


This is a step by step video tutorial that will teach you how to create the layered texture, coloring, dimension creating and embellishment composition. It's technique packed, easy to follow and guaranteed fun!

You can create a bigger canvas and add more frames if you need to showcase more photos. You can also change the color scheme if pink is not exactly your cup of tea.
Have fun creating!


  1. Thanks, Einat, for the tutorial! it's great to see what can be done with supplies I already have and seem to forget about, so thanks for the inspiration as well!

  2. oh wow!! this is very gorgeous.Such texture and colours! Stunning!

  3. נהנתי מאד מההדרכה ולראות את התוצאה היפיפיה


  4. זה כל כך יפה! נראה לי שלשים תמונה יקלקל את היופי...
    תודה על הוידאו הנפלא הזה!