Friday, July 13, 2012

101 Flowers Tutorial #17: Colored rub-on

Many times rub-ons are black and sometimes you may want to add a little color. Today's tutorial is all about how you can do just that.
1.       Cut the shape you want from the rub-on sheet. Make sure to cut it with its protective paper.

2.       Separate the rub-on from the protective sheet and turn it over.

3.       Pick a color pencil and color the empty spaces inside the black lines of the rub-on. The rub-on has a layer of adhesive even on these spaces and the color of the pencil simply colors that layer of adhesive.

4.       Apply the rub-on to your project in the usual way. The color will come off as well giving you a colorful rub-on!

Here's how it looks on a layout:

Have fun creating!


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