Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kreative Blogger Award

I'm happy and excited to tell you that I was really lucky to be nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award by a very talented lady ShirA Ganany. I'm really grateful that there are people who read and love my blog.

As a winner of this award I need to:
 1. Mention the awesome blogger who gave me the award – the talented ShirA Ganany of The little green box. Thanks ShirA! ShirA is the queen of Pop-Up. Her creations are pure magic and every creation is more beautiful than the last one. If you want to see how much creativity and magic she has in her hands visit ShirA's blog. 
2. Share 7 interesting facts with my readers.
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, with their links, and let them know about it!

Here we go…7 facts…
1. I love science fiction TV shows and movies. I know the "Back to the Future: trilogy by heart  and I have all 10 seasons of "Stargate" taped for repeat watching.
2. I am the same height as I was when I was 12 years old…yes I'm short!
3. I always procrastinate. I wait for the last minute to do things, but I do my best work under pressure and I never miss a deadline.
4. I once wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. Not anymore…
5. I love to cook and to eat even more!
6. When I was a student I used to work as a dental assistant. It is then I discovered I don't mind the sight of blood and other stuff you see in the dentist but I prefer not to mention.
7. Driving around a square or walking down the stairs makes me dizzy.

Now that you know me a little better, here are my 7 choices for the Kreative Blogger Award:
1. The Israeli blog "Playing with paper – a journey" by Ilana. Other than being a very talented lady she is the most creative and funny writer. Every blog post is a pleasure to read and a beauty to see. It's in Hebrew but you can always use Google to translate and it's worth it.
2. "Just a girl with ideas" blog by Emma from Australia is a very inspirational blog. I just love her style. Every time I look at her creations I discover something new!
3. "La – De- Dah" is a mixed media blog by Sarah, a very talented artist from the UK with a unique style.I love all the details in her work and her use of colors and materials.
4. Another Israeli blog "Craft addict LTD" by Irit. One of the leaders in the Israeli scrapbooking scene and a very productive designer who always manage to surprise me!.
5. "Eleele Handmade" blog by Eleele from Belarus. Her style is really special and inspiring. Her work has a soft but rich touch.
6. "The Scrappiest" blog by Liz is full of colors and happiness. Liz's designs always make me smile because they are so colorful and cheerful.
7. Last but not least "Studio Tangie Baxter" blog. Tangie has a special way of looking at art journaling. I love her crazy style!

A lot of inspiration and ideas!
Have fun creating!



  1. ברכות! ורשימת הזוכות שלך נהדרת - תודה על ההשראה!