Monday, April 30, 2012

The Best Birthday Blog Candy – week 3

I haven't had so much fun in a long time! All your stories are great and I'm so happy you shared them with me. I also want to thank all of you for congratulating me on my birthday, you really moved me guys!
And now without delay here is week 2 winner:

Congratulations Margaret!
Our third mission is all about dreams! When you reach 30 you have already done some growing and discovered the world enough to start dreaming. This is the decade you start to have ideas that lead to dreams that lead to plans. This is the time your head is in the clouds and you heart is full of things you want, places you want to see, people you'd like to meet and goals you want to accomplish. Your mission is to share one dream you haven't fulfilled yet!

Here's how to play:
1. Subscribe to my blog.
2. Post the contest in whatever social media you want: blog, FB, twitter etc. with a link back to the Blog. In the post tell me about a dream you have and still haven't fulfilled.
3. Go to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post.

Next week I'll pick a random winner for the weekly prize.
Join the fun!



  1. פייה שימושיתApril 30, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    ממי, ההוראות מסובכות לי... אני צריכה לכתוב על משהו שגיליתי על עצמי או על חלום שעדיין לא הגשמתי?
    וזה צריך להיות פוסט או שיכול להיות גם סטטוס פייסבוק?
    סורי, אני עייפה וכנראה קצת מיפגרת (זה מה ששני אלבומים ביומיים עושים לי... ואני רק באמצע - את ההפסקה...)

  2. When I was young I discovered that my smile was my best quality, never knowing that there are people that cannot smile even if they want to!As recently as two years ago I was blessed with a lovely granddaughter who cannot smile! She smiles with her heart! She is one of about 2000 people worldwide that cannot show any emotions on her face! This is called moebius syndrome.That is why I will never stop smiling, because I have to do it for both of us. I love to scrap all her photos as she is a precious little girl!
    I shared this blog candy smiling on my brand new blog here: !
    Keep on smiling!!

    1. Blog address:

  3. I'm not the type to wear fancy clothes, bags, shoes or anything. All the time I'm fine with casual clothing. When there are events that's where the problem arises I got nothing to wear. I started thinking I need to invest on some clothes so I dont panic. I also like for us family to start explore the world and have fun and make memories.

    I have shared pic on my blog.


  4. I've learned that even though the world will try to tell you different, you can truly be and do anything you put your mind to, as long as you believe in yourself.

  5. I just found out last night that I could remember being 3! I am 46 right now and remembered the a bed that I slept in as a baby. Mom said I was 3 yrs old..... I can't believe that I could remember that far back when I can't even remember what went on yesterday! :D

  6. My hubby and I have a big dream to buy a large RV, and just travel together. We enjoy being together, and we've always wanted to do this. SO much fun to be had, if you like being together 24/7... and we do.

  7. As a young girl I dreamed of a family with children.Unfortunately, this dream was never fulfilled because I got an early cancer. Today, I'm glad that I'm free of cancer and healthy. And I've been learned to have a passion ...making cards with rubber stamps, scrapbooking and Mixed Media arts! Today I love my live!
    Hugs Tini

  8. הי עינת,
    איזה בלוג קנדי מדהים! משתפר משבוע לשבוע.
    פרסמתי אתמול פוסטר בפייס בוק שלי.

  9. ושב מזל טוב גדול.
    תודה על ההזדמנות.
    מנויה ותיקה שלך
    והנה קישור לבלוג בו פירסמתי

  10. עינת יקירתי, נראה לי שהתבלבלת - ההוראות הן של שבוע שעבר...

  11. וכמובן - פירסמתי אצלי בפייסבוק-
    המשך שבוע נהדר!

  12. What another lovely collection of items! Thanks again for the chance to win.

  13. יום הולדת שמח!
    והמון המון מזל טוב
    ותודה על ההזדמנות לזכות בכל הדבר המקסים הזה


  14. פילפילונת פMay 2, 2012 at 3:22 PM

    מזל טוב ליום ההולדת :)
    שמחה לגלות את הבלוג שלך!
    פרסמתי בפייסבוק -
    אחד החלומות שעוד לא הגשמתי- לעשות את שביל ישראל עם הבעל והילדים :)


  15. מזל טוב ליום ההולדת ותודה על הקנדי המדהים. פירסמתי את שלי בפייסבוק:
    אסנת בניר

  16. I always wanted more children, I have one son! Never had more children, but I now have 2 grandchildren, and being a Grandma, was worth the wait!! Thanks for the chance! I am sharing this on my FB page:

  17. I do not have children but taught at elementary schools for 32 years!
    Tks for the opportunity to win scrappy goodies!!

  18. שלום עינת, תודה על ההזדמנות המדהימה לזכות בפרס.
    קישור לפרסום הפוסט שלי:


  19. הי
    החלום שאני עדיין צריכה להגשים הוא סטודיו בחצר שלי!!
    וטוב שהזכרת לי שהוא קיים...
    מנויה לבלוג ופרסמתי בבלוג שלי את הקנדי השמח שלך
    שבת שלום

  20. Great blog candy!! thanks for the chance..linked it on my of my dreams has always been to be a florist

  21. Wow! What a bunch of fun stuff! Thanks for the chance... I shared this on Facebook:

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  23. Sorry, had to take my first post again out. A passage was written in German;)
    I'm sick for several years and am very happy that I've created a blog and can now craft every day. My family has given me a Cricut Expression and the BigShot. They support my creative blog where they can. And I have a beautiful craft room where I can find the necessary calm. I'm doing much better now.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win your blog candy.
    Best wishes Ulrike
    My blog რ Ulles Bastelträume mit Herz რ {რ model-making facilities with heart რ}

  24. wow what a great giveaway. I would love to win this.My dream is to go to France one day and see the sits with my Husband. thanks for sharing this giveawy and the chance to win

  25. קנדי נהדר. פירסמתי בפייסבוק:
    משאלה שעוד לא הגשמתי: בקטנה, לקנות לעצמי אקדח חום ולשדרג את עבודותי.
    ומשאלה קצת יותר גדולה: ללמוד לתפור ולקנות מכונת תפירה.

  26. פרסמתי
    משאלה- זמן ויכולת לעשות את כל מה שאני באמת רוצה
    אש קטנה