Wednesday, April 25, 2012

101 Flowers Tutorial #14: Quilled Flower

It's time for another fun and easy tutorial for making flowers. This time a familiar and old form of art: Quilling. This form of art has been around for a long time and it's believed it started with nuns a few hundred years ago.
Here is how to make an easy flower:

·         Take 6 strips of red paper and a strip of white paper. If you don't have quilling strips, you can cut them yourselves. Each strip is 1/8" X 12".
·         Roll one red strip tight. Then let it open a little bit between your fingers and adhere the edge. Repeat with other 5 strips.

·         Take each circle and pinch on one side to create a tear drop shape.

·         Roll white strip tight and adhere the edge.

·         Arrange all petals on a card and adhere.
·         Adhere the white circle on top as a center of the flower.

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Have fun creating!

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