Monday, January 2, 2012

Create * Dream * Enjoy Canvas

There is nothing more personal, more loving and more beautiful than a handmade gift. I wish I could always give my family and friends handmade gifts, unfortunately it takes time to make them and time is always short! However, this time, I made it! A good friend of mine is celebrating her birthday and I made her an inspiring canvas for her new craft room.

It's a happy, flowery, cheerful canvas that will hopefully give her inspiration and encouragement if she doesn't feel like creating, or her muse has left her.

Have fun creating!


The funny thing is that I thought I didn't like yellow. I hardly ever use it my projects, I don’t wear it and nothing in my house is in yellow. But for some reason I made this canvas in a yellow pink combination…who knew that yellow could be so pretty.


  1. עינת - מהמם! הצהוב מקסים ואני בטוחה שהקנווס יתקבל בהרבה שמחה.

  2. אפרת - אני מסכים עם כל מילה