Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Card tutorial

There are so many designs for a baby card. But for this baby (first born of a dear friend of mine) I wanted to make something special, something different. I thought about it for a long time and one day it came…the perfect idea! A knitted card!

The card is really easy to make (if you know how to knit):

1. Knit a square that is a little bigger than the card you want to use.

2. When finished wrap the card with the knitted piece (the same as you wrap a book with paper) and adhere to secure.

3. Add embellishments. I added a small sock attached a safety pin and added stars, ribbons and a title. I "hanged" the sock with two small laundry pins I painted blue.

You can make a pink version for a baby girl.

Have fun creating!



  1. OMG - great card. love the idea and the finished card.

  2. וואו! רעיון אדיר! אמנם אני לא יודעת לסרוג, אבל גם הקישוטונים שבחרת כל כך מדליקים, שאני בהחלט אשתמש ברעיונות!

  3. מדליק! כרטיס מדהים.

  4. איזה רעיון נפלא! בהחלט אקח בחשבון בעתיד. גם הצבע התכול הזה מקסים!

  5. the card with the blue kinting on it was really cute If I could knit .......MaryR
    I am going to be great great grandma.... soon