Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Single Sheet of Paper Tutorial: Gift box

Just in time for your new year's gifts, an easy, fun and inexpensive gift box you can make yourselves from only one sheet of cardstock!
Here is a sketch with all the measurements:

1.       Cut a square 10 5/8" by 7" from one sheet of cardstock.
2.       Mark a divide line 5" from the top. This line divides the square to two squares A and B.
3.       Cut 1/2" from both sides of square A. This would make it smaller than square B.
4.       Make four fold lines 1" from all three edges of square A and the divide line.
5.       Cut slits where lines marked red on the sketch.
6.       Make four fold lines on square B: three lines 1 1/2" from the edges and 1" from the divide line
7.       Cut slits where lines marked red on the sketch.
8.       Fold all lines.
9.       Fold slits inside and adhere to the walls to create a box from square A. repeat on square B.

10.   Embellish your box.

Have fun creating!


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