Saturday, December 3, 2011

12 Days of December Blog Party – Day 3

Thank you for all the great responses and kind words. I really enjoyed reading your stories, they were moving, funny and weird, as holiday dinners should be…
Congratulations, Fiona!

You are yesturday's winner! Contact me with your details, so I can send you your prize.

For those of you who missed it Here is how it will work:

Every day, for 12 days, I will post a holiday project/s to inspire you and to give you ideas for your holiday table, presents, cards and more! Following the project you will get a mission, there will be a new different mission every day. To participate in the blog party and be eligible for the daily giveaway you will have to:

1. Subscribe to my blog (if you are not already subscribed).

2. Post the mission in whatever on line media you want: blog, FB, twitter etc. with a link back to the Blog Party.

3. Go back to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post.

You can join us for some of the days or all of them. Each day I will randomly choose a winner for the daily giveaway and post it the next day. Whoever takes part in minimum of 7 missions out of 12 will have a chance to win the grand prize, which will also be randomly selected. The grand prize is going to be 150$ gift card to some fabulous shopping at! if you hadn't join us yet, you definitely should! There is still time!

Day 3 project: Gift Book

Presents cost a lot of money and it's difficult buying everyone a present with today's economy. Why not make our own present? It's fun, fast, easy and much cheaper. In that spirit I decided to make my niece's present by myself. I made her a gift book.

This gift book is like a book of vouchers. Each page of the book is a different gift.

You can make a gift book for your husband and have gifts like: A day with the guys, a romantic night out, tickets to a basketball game or the movies etc. if you make the book for your mom it will have gifts like: a day at the spa, breakfast with friends, girls night out.

Day 3 mission: (if you choose to accept it) is to create a handmade present for the coming holidays and post it on your blog, on FB, on message boards, anywhere on line you want with a link to the Blog Party. Then go back to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post. You don't have to create a new gift for this mission, you can also share a gift you have already created.

Day 2 giveaway: Bird Galore 6 clear stamps by Inkadinkadoo.

Have fun creating!



  1. עינת, איזה דודה מגניבה. הלוואי על הילדים שלי :-)

    הנה לינק למתנה שהכנתי לבן של השכנים ליום הולדת שנתיים מדיסקים ישנים:

  2. Your project is cute. I am aware of "gift books." In America we call it a coupon book. I like your idea of dressing it up a bit.

  3. Great coupon book! Here is my link with a present I made

  4. Love this idea. I always make gifts like that!
    here is my link on FB:

  5. Here is a wreath I made as a gift. I am going to make a Christmas themed one next.

    I posted a link to the blog on my homepage at


  6. לצערי אני רואה שאני לא ממש מספיקה להכין דברים חדשים (יש לי לא מעט דוגמאות שהכנתי בעבר, כמובן, אבל לא זו המטרה)...בכל מקרה הפרוייקט שלך מקסים וזו בהחלט אחלה מתנה

  7. וואו עינת איזה אלבום מתוק, אני מתכננת להכין אחד כזה לאחייניות שלי והאלבום שלך בטוח יהווה השראה לפרוייקט הזה!

  8. הקישור לפייסבוק שלי עם פרסום המשימה מצורף בהערה הקודמת שלי :)