Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 days of December Blog Party – Day 1

Get the party started!

Today we start the fun, the inspiration and the festivities that are the 12 days of December Blog Party!

Here is how it will work:

Every day, for 12 days, I will post a holiday project/s to inspire you and to give you ideas for your holiday table, presents, cards and more!

Following the project you will get a mission, there will be a new different mission every day.

To participate in the blog party and be eligible for the daily giveaway you will have to:

1. Subscribe to my blog (if you are not already subscribed)

2. Post the mission in whatever on line media you want: blog, FB, twitter etc. with a link back to the Blog Party.

3. Go back to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post.

You can join us for some of the days or all of them. Each day I will randomly choose a winner for the daily giveaway and post it the next day.
Whoever takes part in minimum of 7 missions out of 12 will have a chance to win the grand prize, which will also be randomly selected. More details about the grand prize tomorrow!

Day 1 project: Gift box

I took an empty gum box and transformed it into an embellished gift box for a gift card, jewelry, money or any other small gift that will fit in it!

Day 1 mission: in order to warm things up and invite as many people as possible to this fun party your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to spread the word! Write about the Blog Party on your blog, on FB, on message boards, anywhere on line you want with a link to the Blog Party. Then go back to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post.

Day 1 giveaway: The Doodlin' Around stack by DCWV. 48 cardstock sheets, half of them with glitter. Creative pages for every season of the year! Find out tomorrow who will win it!

Have fun creating!



  1. Love the gum box idea for gift cards! See my promo for your 12 days of Christmas at:!/queencityarts

  2. What a fun idea for a gum box. Love the color of your project.
    Posted about the blog party here:!/efrats100/status/142308797107544064

  3. Love the gum box idea....I shared on a couple of places on facebook...this is one of the links.

  4. הקופסא משגעת!
    פרסמתי בפייסבוק:

  5. איזה כיף של חגיגה
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  6. An easy anough project to get started with. Beautiful colors on your gift box. Some of the element ideas are transferable to cards.

  7. I think the gum box is just beautiful! As I was getting ready for supper tonight I came across a tea box and thought of your idea...You've got me thinking of redoing all sorts of boxes now!

    Here's one of my Facebook links:

  8. I am excited to get started. I am heading into my craft room to play.

    I posted to my FB here so others can join

  9. So excited about this project! Love the gum box thing - never buy gum..but today I am "on a mission" to find a gum box! Shared it on my facebook profile. Thanks for doing this!

    Rolien van Vuuren

  10. חגיגה...כיף...מצטרפת בשמחה.
    פרסמתי בפייסבוק

  11. מצטרפת גם, פרסמתי בפייסבוק שלי וכבר מחכה להפתעות הבאות.

  12. כמו תמיד - שופעת רעיונות
    פרסמתי בפייסבוק שלי

  13. So much fun! great idea with the gum box!
    here is my FB page telling about your party!

  14. איזה כייף מסיבה בבלוג... מצטרפת בשימחה.. פירסמתי בפייסבוק:
    אני נקראת בעוקבים גם: ori ber