Wednesday, October 19, 2011

101 Flowers Tutorial #8: Beads in the center!

Hello friends! It's time for another easy, fun, pretty flower tutorial. This time we'll give some lovin' to the flower center and create a really fancy center from beads:

1. Punch 3 flowers. The shape or size doesn't matter.

2. Ink the edges and give them a 3D shape.

3. Thread small beads on a piece of thin wire. The length of the wire depends on the size of the flower you punched. The bigger the flower the longer the wire. I used 2" flowers with approximately 3/4" piece of wire.

4. Decide which flower you want to be on top and insert the edges of the wires through the center of the flower. Make sure the wires stay in their place by adhering the edges with a little scotch tape on the back side of the paper flower.

5. Twist the wires to give them the desired shape.

6. Attach the other two flowers to create a 3D flower.

Have fun creating!


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