Wednesday, September 14, 2011

101 Flowers Tutorial #7: ribbon flower

I love ribbons, you love ribbons, everybody loves ribbons! Why? Because they are so versatile, pretty and fun. One of my favorite things to create from ribbon is flowers.

From each ribbon you can create two sizes of flowers: big and small, all you need is a needle and thread:
1. Thread the ribbon on the bottom.

2. Pull the thread to crease the ribbon.

3. Join the two edges with the thread.

4. To create a smaller flower fold the ribbon in half length wise and repeat the first stages.

5. To finish your flowers add a brad or a button in the center.
6. You can create layered ribbon flowers too!

Have fun creating flowers for your projects!



  1. Cute as a button (pardon the pun)! As an option to sewing--have you tried the flowers you can make with huge homemade glue spots using the Best Glue Ever? or zipper roses:

  2. Great flowers! So easy and so beautiful :-)

  3. What a great idea!!! Love you flowers!!!