Monday, May 30, 2011

101 Flowers Tutorial: Spiral Flower

Hello friends! Spring is here, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming! It's time to share another flower tutorial from my 101 Flowers series. This flower is easy, versatile and fun! A spiral flower will add extra dimension, color and happiness to any project you create.

To create the spiral flower you will need scrap pieces of paper, scissors, a button and stickles.

1. Cut a circle from a piece of scrap paper. The circle does not need to be accurate!!!

2. Cut the circle into a spiral.

3. Start rolling the spiral from the outer edge.

4. After rolling the spiral adhere to the bottom.

5. Distress the flower by scrunching its edges and inking them.

6. Embellish your flower with a button in the center and a little stickles on the edges.

7. Add two leaves from a scrap of green paper.

Add your flower to a layout, canvas or a card. It's guaranteed to make someone smile!



  1. I love making these!!! So gorgeous!

  2. הדרכה נהדרת! תודה!!!
    איך בסוף מדביקים את הפרח שלא יקפוץ ויזוז?

  3. צריך להדביק את הכל למרכז עם דבק נוזלי ולהחזיק מעט עד שיתייבש, כך זה נשאר ולא זז.

  4. I know what I am going to learn to make, awesome flowers!!!