Monday, April 4, 2011

Ins(paper)ation – 101 Flowers tutorial: Punched Flower

“Just don't give up on trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.”
Ella Fitzgerald

Inspiration leads me to different places. Sometimes it leads me to a layout, but not this time. This time my inspiration is spring! The changing weather, the sunshine, but especially the flowers. The amazing carpets of flowers spreading as far as the eye can see. As you know I love flowers, I use them on my layouts all the time…yes, even for boys' layouts, and that got me thinking, why not share with all of you a series of tutorials on flowers! 101 tutorials to be exact!!! Everything you wanted to know about making your own flowers, embellish them and create them from different materials.

Flower #1: Punched Flower
Punches are a great way to create your own flowers. Here are a few versions using that technique:

You will need:
4 punches: 3 different sizes of the Marvy Uchida round scallop punch and a round punch.
4 scraps of paper

Version 1

1. Punch 1 shape from each scrap of paper.

2. Ink their edges.

3. Layer the four pieces one on top of the other.

Version 2

1. Cut slits on the biggest scalloped circle all the way to the middle to create petals.

2. Curl the petals a little.

Version 3

1. Cut wider slits on one of the medium scalloped circles by removing a small triangle in equal spaces.

2. Curl the petals

Version 4

1. Cut slits on the other medium scalloped circle.

2. Combine all 4 layers.

Version 5

1. Curl the slits of the medium scalloped circle all the way to the middle to create stamens.

Version 6

1. Take three scalloped circles and shrink them to create a "cup".

2. Insert a wire to create a stem.

Create one or all versions of the punched flower and embellish your creations!



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