Monday, April 18, 2011

101 Flowers tutorial: Scraps flower

All of us crafters have a lot of scraps. Paper, buttons, ribbons and all kinds of materials find their way to the trash or to our leftover box. In honor of Passover, which is celebrated today I am spring cleaning my scraps and trying to reuse them for small projects. One of these projects is the #2 tutorial in the series 101 flowers. You can create flowers from many types of scraps and materials here are two ideas:

You will need: a scrap of paper, 1-2 buttons, a ribbon and a piece of leftover transparency (I had a round piece).

1. Stamp the transparency to give it a pattern.

2. Adhere a button to the center. You can add another button on top of it, just to give it a little more creativity.

3. Cut any size petals from the paper scrap, and adhere to the transparency.

4. Ink the edges of the petals and curl them a little.

5. Add doodling and stickles.

6. Cut smaller petals from the scrap paper and insert them between the large petals and the transparency. Ink and curl them as well. As you can see I didn't use the ribbon after all, I'm sure you will have some great ideas for it.

Happy spring and Passover to everyone!



  1. i just love it! such a cool flower

  2. פרח מקסים, תודה על ההדרכה :)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial!!! great flowers =)

  4. Love the flowers, they look great and fun to make.

  5. okay... I must admit... when I saw the first pic I thought... what is she going to do with that? But oh my... it turned out fabulous!! I love how you can turn anything into something beautiful! I wish I had your talent!