Friday, January 21, 2011

Treat for CHA – Technique Corner

I love going to CHA Trade Show! I love meeting old and new friends, seeing all the new products, having fun in the workshops and my favorite is the designer showcase. I have been working on all my projects for the showcase and everything is almost ready! Besides the treat that is CHA, I wanted to treat myself to something cute, so I decided to make a small canvas tote bag to carry all my tickets and ID card. It has my name on it and some inspirational words and techniques:

1. Adding color to canvas: I love color washing my canvas, it's easy and really fast. I just add a little bit of acrylic paint to water and go over the surface. Before it dries I add another color and mix them together on the canvas. This creates a real cool look of changing colors.

2. Writing on canvas: the best way to write on canvas is with a pen that has a nib in its end, like a dip pen or a fountain pen. The flow of the ink makes the writing easier on the surface of the fabric. I used black ink and wrote a few inspirational words.

3. Adding texture to canvas: since the canvas is a kind of fabric I went with that theme and added ruffled ribbon, bubble ribbon and buttons. I sewed them with an orange thread so they will pop up a little bit.

4. Stamping on canvas: the best way to stamp canvas is with big foam stamps dipped in acrylic paints. I used  a stamp of a flower with leaves. After stamping it on the canvas I added some more colors to the petals with a small brush to give it more dimension.

Try these techniques and create a treat for you too!



  1. נסיעה טובה ובהצלחה!!!

  2. נסיעה ושהות כייפית ומעולה שתיהיה לך


  3. תיק חמוד !
    נסיעה טובה!!

  4. מחכה לידע שתביאי איתך!

  5. תהני, תהני, תהני...
    התיק מקסים!
    אורית ב.

  6. This is the cutest little bag. Love, love, love the colors!