Saturday, January 29, 2011

CHA Convention – Day 1

I'm finally here! After a long wait and too many hours on the plain, I have arrived to the show. This first day was filled with exciting workshops, meeting old and new friends and walking, a lot of walking. Of course this is just the beginning, because the major walking will start tomorrow when the show floor will open. One of the main exciting things today was handing over my Craft Studio innovative creation. Craft Studio is a special CHA Designer member project in which 24 designers received one type of material to create a project from. Each designer is also required to demonstrate the innovative technique used in the project and the way it was designed. I can't share the project with you yet except its name: Scrappin' wire.  Meanwhile, here are some photos of the Craft Studio sign. 

Another highlight of the first day was the workshops. One of the workshops was the Tombow Technique workshop, where we had a lot of fun with a few new products and techniques. I especially liked the Craft Collection which is a collection of double brush colored pens including a blending pen that can create all kind of fun and cool effects on paper, flowers, metal, wood and more. Another great product is a new glue pen with a pin point to allow detailed gluing. It can also be used in a resist technique in combination with the colored pens.

I can't wait for a lot more fun tomorrow….