Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They are my favorite

It's time for another Sizzix blog hop! This challenge was yumy! We had to design a cake featuring our favorite...anything...
My favorite things in the world are my two boys. Their favorite thing is chocolate. So I decided to combine two favorites into one. A high, beautiful, brown chocolate kids cake!

The bottom part of the cake was the Sizzix Die, which was painted with brown acrylic paint. I wrote on it with a white colored pencil "They R" and added "MY FAVORITE" with white chipboard letters. I made the upper part from cardboard and added my kids' photos. I decorated the cake with some fake whipped cream made from cotton wool, with dots of stickles as fake chocolate on top.

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  1. Love this! The picture on the side make this so cute. Great idea!

  2. A second tier! With photos! Amazing!!! I adore the chocolately lovey-ness of this!

  3. What a super cute idea! Makes me want to hunt down a brownie this very minute!

  4. Great project! Did you get my email for the prize I won in the last post?

  5. What a perfect expression of a mothers love for her family! Cute little ones you have! I could just eat 'em ;-)

  6. Sweet way to show "favorties"!

  7. The chocolate is delicious looking and the boys are delightful! Debra

  8. great idea to add photo's...I bet your kids love this!