Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flower Tutorial

In the last post you had a chance to see the flower I designed from the new Sizzix Dies. But! You don't have to have those Dies, you can make them yourself!

Here's how:

1. Cut strips of paper. Use any pattern or solid paper. you can stamp, paint and ink it. You can cut as many strips as you want and in any size you want.
I used: 8 strips - 5 inches on 3/4 of an inch (13 x 2 cm)
           12 strips – 4.5 inches on 3/4 of an inch (11.5 x 2 cm)
            6 strips – 4 inches on 3/4 of an inch (10 x 2 cm)
2. Cut the edges of the strips to form an arrow. Punch a hole on each side.
3. Cut 5 circles 3/4 of an inch (1.5 cm) in diameter. Punch two holes side by side to make the circles look like buttons. You can also use actual buttons.
4. Cut a piece of wire, about 6 inches long.

5. Thread the wire through the two holes of the button piece.
6. Twist the wire to form one strand.

7. Start with the medium size strips. Thread the wire through the hole, loop the strip and thread the wire through the other hole. Continue to thread all 6 strips.
8. Separate the wire and add another button. The button makes it easier to handle the layers while you are assembling the flower.

9. Add the next layer of loops, large size.
10. Repeat the process with the rest of the strips, separating each layer with a button.

11. Add rolled strips of paper as stamens.
12. Cut more strips for leafs.
13. Take a wooden skewer and push it through the middle of the flower. Thread the loops on the skewer to create leafs.

You can add glitter, Mika or beads to embellish the flower and even create a bouquet!


  1. What absolutely gorgeous work you have on your blog and how to's too. Fab. x

  2. This is just the cutest idea!

  3. What a fabulous idea for a flower!! Gorgeous work on your blog :-)

  4. Your photos and tutorial are great! Love the bow flowers