Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mixed Media Canvas: Wall of Inspiration OPEN

It has been a while since I created a canvas for my wall of inspiration. In case you missed it the wall of inspiration is a wall in my craft studio that I'm filling with little canvases of inspiration. Each canvas has a word or a quote to encourage, uplift and remind me that life is beautiful! Today's word is your mind, your eyes, your ears, open your heart. Open the door to the beauty of the world, to its possibilities and wonder!

I created the background with tissue paper and Gelatos. I kept the colors bright and happy. Then I created the letters. I used a blank white paper and added the same colors as the background. Then I cut the four letters and added zentangle patterns on them. I didn't plan the patterns ahead I just played with my pen and I was happy with whatever came out of it. The idea about this type of doodling is not to think too much...just doodle!

I glued the letters to the canvas and shaded them a little with Artist's Big Brush Pens. I also colored inside the letters, but just a little to add vibrant colors to compliment the background colors on the paper and the canvas.

Have you ever doodled? Are you planning to try? Please leave a comment telling me about it!

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Have fun creating!


  1. yes i do a lot of doodling..i dont know how to share my work with you though

  2. My fav color combo. I might try to copy you but not freehand cut letters

  3. וואו! קנווס משגע! לגמרי עושה חשק "לדדל" וגם לקנות את כל החומרים בהם את משתמשת..